Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Risk Management Education for Kentucky Farm Families

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Over 40% of Kentucky farms are transitioning, beginning or exiting farming, and exposed to financial, production, price, legal, and human resource risk. Planning, education and access to appropriate resources reduces these risks. This risk management program will be multifaceted. First, the project team recognizes farm-women often play a significant role in the successful transition of a family farm to next the generation. To specifically address this audience, the Managing for Today and Tomorrow (MTT) program (developed by the National Annie’s Project Leadership Team) focused on extension risk management education geared to the needs of farm-women, will be offered at county-level. During the four-week (12 hour) class, farm-women receive hands-on training in the areas of succession, business, estate, and retirement planning. Secondly, a series of regional farm transition workshops targeting MTT graduates and their farm partners (spouse/farm heirs) will be conducted to bring technical information to a larger number of individuals.
Effective start/end date4/1/159/30/16


  • University of Arkansas: $49,136.00


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