Managing Mud, Manure, and Runoff: Kentucky Livestock BMP Demonstration and Training Project

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This demonstration project will be initiated in cooperation with an interdisciplinary team of professionals. Project cooperators will be incorporated on a regional basis to assure region-wide knowledge dissemination. One of the major objectives of the project is to provide resource managers with the ability to persuade livestock producers to adopt conservation and pasture management practices that improve the livestock industry and simultaneously promote environmental sustainability. Project cooperators include but are not limited to the UK Cooperative Extension Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Kentucky Division of Water, the Master Cattleman, Master Stocker, and Master Grazer programs, Sheep Profit Field Days, Ewe Profit Schools, KY Division of Conservation, KY Division of Forestry, livestock producers, watershed groups, and local media agencies.
Effective start/end date2/15/139/30/16


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet: $518,000.00


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