Managing Phytophthora capsici on Pepper and Summer Squash with Combinations of Bioten and Conventional Fungicides

  • Seebold, Kenneth (PI)

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Field trials will be conducted at the Spindletop Farm, located 8 miles north of the University of Kentucky's main campus. Treatments are designed to evaluate potential additive or synergistic effects of Bioten (Remedier) when combined with programs designed using registered products at recommended rates, as well as the efficacy of the product when applied alone. Registered products to be used in the test include Presidio, Revus, Ridomil Gold, and Ridomil Gold Copper. Presidio and Revus will be tank-mixed with Kentan DF (fixed copper) per label recommendation. Plots will be inoculated 10 days after transplanting by placing a 1-in thick section of P. capsici-infested squash fruit at the base of one plot in the unplanted buffers between the experimental units. The number of P. capsici-infected plants will be counted on a weekly basis following the first appearance of symptoms, and will continue until maximum mortality in check plots is reached. Squash fruit will be harvested 2-3 times weekly to determine treatment effects on yield, and bell pepper fruit will be harvested 3 times at the end of the season. Number and weight of marketable and unmarketable fruit will be determined. Data will be summarized in late July, and a report sent to IR-4.
Effective start/end date4/15/1010/14/11


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