Market-based Control and Optimal Simulation Techniques for Small Orbital Satellite Power Systems

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Satellite power systems can be understood as islanded dc microgrids supplied by specialized and coordinated solar cell arrays, augmented by electrochemical battery systems to handle high-power loads and periods of eclipse. Naturally, the control methodology of such systems is paramount to the appropriate operation of the satellite power system. The periodic availability of power, the limited capacity of batteries, and the dependence of almost all mission service on power consumption create a unique situation in which temporal power and energy scarcity exist, and these resource have alternative uses. A novel market-based approach for addressing such optimal control problems is proposed in which an artificial market economy is used to determine the optimal allocation of power over time to mission loads. Such an approach has the capability of automatically adjusting to changes in mission or capability over the mission lifetime and being readily adapted to new satellite systems. The proposed project will build on previously successful NASA Kentucky funded research that formulated a modular approach to electrical power system architecture for small spacecraft. This project will also seek to leverage recent advancements in market-based control of shipboard power systems, while adapting these to the unique load demands of small spacecraft.
Effective start/end date1/1/186/30/19


  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration


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