Marketing for All: Multi-Scale Specialty Crop Marketing Tools and Training

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This project will meet the highly diverse marketing education needs of scale-variable Kentucky specialty crop farms and businesses by developing new resources, and extending several existing programs. New materials will include a 10 module beginning farmer-friendly curriculum spanning online and social media marketing, best practices for direct market vendors, self- evaluation, and basic market research skills. We will offer these modules statewide through in- person trainings scheduled by Extension offices or grower groups. This project also supports the continuation of MarketReady core trainings and meet the buyer panels as well as expansion of previously piloted MR webinars on advanced topics. Growers completing the 10-module curriculum above will find MarketReady a logical next step toward expanding their business and accessing new markets for their products. The 13 business functions discussed in the intensive 1- MR core training serve as a self-evaluative checklist for specialty crop businesses looking to grow.
Effective start/end date11/1/179/30/21


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $48,200.00


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