Mary Comis: Physical Activity and Self-efficacy in Adolescents with Autism: How do Parental Barriers Impact Activity Participation?

  • Fedewa, Alicia (PI)

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Research has shown that exercise helps decrease self-stimulatory behaviors (Rosenthal-Malek & Mitchell, 1997) while improving on task behaviors and academic responding in children with autism (Oriel, George, Peckus, & Semon, 2011). Group sports in particular also provide adolescents with the opportunity to learn social cues and build relationships with peers (Autism Speaks, 2009), yet there has been very little research done on this topic. This study will evaluate parental barriers for their child’s involvement in physical activity as well as the effects of sport participation on youth self-efficacy.
Effective start/end date1/8/184/30/18


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