Massage Therapy in Eccentric Exercise Induced Muscle Weakness and Inflammation

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Dr. Butterfield will be performing and overseeing all construction of custom-made implantable interfaces for the rabbits, required for the application electrical stimulation to the dorsiflexor muscles during exercise. This number will be considerable, as there are two interfaces required for each rabbit. He will also be implanting these devices in the rabbits under sterile surgery at The Ohio State University, and teaching these te0hniques to his research associate(s). he will write the computer programs for the exercise and data collection system, and will subsequently analyze data and prepare manuscripts for publication. ille research associate will be assisting in the construction of the implantable interfaces and performing of the sterile surgeries, as well as data analysis and manllsctipt preparation.
Effective start/end date5/1/104/30/12


  • Ohio State University: $207,406.00


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