MassHEAL - Reducing overdose deaths by 40% (2019-2023)

Grants and Contracts Details


For this project Dr. Helme will be overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the campaign evaluation. Dr. Helme will work with the Evaluation Responsible Persons (ERPs) at each site to provide management and expertise necessary for the implementation of the evaluation. Dr. Helme will also coordinate with the DCC to ensure the smooth operation of the media tracking components of the evaluation that will monitor website activity at each site as a result of campaign activities. The research assistant will provide Dr. Helme with support and help necessary to coordinate scheduling of regular meetings among Dr. Helme and the ERPs. The TBN RA will also provide support and help necessary for Dr. Helme as well as the ERPs to enable the ongoing activities required to conduct this multi-tiered campaign evaluation.
Effective start/end date4/1/203/31/23


  • Boston Medical Center Corporation: $30,094.00


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