Matching Grant: An Assessment of Geological Carbon Sequestration Options in the Illinois Basin of Western Kentuckky Phase II

  • Nuttall, Brandon (PI)

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Coal, oil, and natural gas are important resources for meeting our nation's energy needs. Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide. In the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. The Midwest Geologic Sequestration Consortium (MGSC) is a partnership of state geological surveys, energy companies, and the Federal government formed to examine carbon storage options in parts of western Kentucky, southwest Indiana, and Illinois. The Kentucky Geological Survey is focusing on three main topics. The Survey is studying the black shales of western Kentucky as source of natural gas, as a potential site for long-term underground carbon storage, and as a possible seal for carbon dioxide stored in deeper rocks. Deep rock units are being studied to understand their potential for natural gas production, natural gas storage, and carbon storage. Finally, Kentucky's mature oil fields can be renewed using carbon dioxide to recover additional oil. These studies meet several goals of the Kentucky's Comprehensive Energy Strategy. Techniques to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere encourage economic development and investment in new technology. New markets for Kentucky coal will open as options for carbon storage are identified. Increased natural gas storage capacity will help supplement electric power generation during times of peak demand. A better understanding of Kentucky's oil and natural gas resources will be developed. Identification of carbon storage opportunities will help attract federal investments in clean coal technology and FutureGen to Kentucky. The information gathered by this project will encourage and assist in obtaining additional federal energy research funds and development resources for Kentucky.
Effective start/end date1/1/066/30/06


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