MD-DMED Tellehealth Resource Center Grant Program

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Rob Sprang will participate in all organizational and planning meetings as a member of the MATRC Board of Directors and member of the Annual MATRC Conference Planning Committee 2. Rob Sprang will work with Bonnie Britton and Joe Tracy to convert the “Mr. Doe” story that was presented at another conference in 2013 to be the core of all programming in the 2014 Annual MATRC conference. 3. Rob Sprang will attend the Annual MATRC Conference and present at the conference. 4. Rob Sprang will consult on referrals made from MATRC specifically regarding the subject matters of “building a statewide telehealth initiative”, “legislative advocacy to mandate Medicaid and commercial insurance reimbursement”, “industrial telehealth” and any other topic that is deemed appropriate for Kentucky’s expertise. 5. Rob Sprang will consult on referrals made directly to him in the name of MATRC to support the efforts of the consult requesting organization and to further the efforts of the MATRC. 6. Rob Sprang will promote the MATRC to telehealth program members across the Commonwealth to generate interest in others engaging MATRC for advice and support. 7. Rob Sprang will act as the liaison between MATRC and the Center for TeleHealth and e-Health Law which he currently holds the position as President of the Board of Directors. 8. Rob Sprang will perform any other services requested by MATRC that fall within his scope and expertise and he will attempt to engage others to offer Subject Matter Expertise if he does not have sufficient knowledge and experience.
Effective start/end date9/1/159/1/15


  • University of Virginia


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