Measuring Performance of State and Local Public Health Systems

  • Scutchfield, F (PI)

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Specific Aims: This project continucs cooperative efforts with CDC that began in 1999 to refine and strengthen the tools developed for improving perftmmmce of public heaith systems (PHS). The project was funded at 67'Yo of approved level in FY03. and reduced funding is expected to continue for FY04. Thercfc}rc. the proposed scope of work has been reduced, including eliminating an expert panel and primary data collection. Two supplemental objectives, completed in FY'03, are included below. 1. Validity evaluation ofNPHPSPpetformance assessment instrufnents (test version.)): At CDC's direction, work on this objective was completed as of February 2002. 2. Structure and process factors associated with high petforming items: From FY02 through FY04, two extel11al databases and CDC's test version performance scores are being analyzed to define the relationship of infrastructure and performance. Due to data limitations and efficiency considerations, the proposed variable definition process was replaced with use of a CDC-endorsed model for measuring system perfonnance which optimizes use of available data. Reduced funding eliminated proposed opinion surveys on infrastructure and leadership factors contributing to performance. 3. Relationship between performance measures and outcomes: The analysis will be conducted from latc FY03 through FY04. Creation of an expert work group to advise the process was eliminated. 4. Key measures of capacity for public health emergency preparedness & Supplemental objective #1: Events 01'2001 changed the priority and approach for this objective. The expert work group on emergency preparedness factors was no longer needed, and NPHPSP did not develop a Bioterrorism module. Supplemental objective #1 was funded to test the validity of the Public Health Preparedness and Response Capacity Inventory, including the use of a special expert paneL 5.Supplemental objective #2 - Kentucky Technical Assistance Materials: This objective tested technical assistance materials for 5 local health departments completing the NPHPSP local PHS assessment, as part of a Kentucky state health department pilot project.
Effective start/end date9/30/019/29/05


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