Metabolic Services

  • Mabry, Charles (PI)

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SCOPE OF WORK: 1. Provide medical consultation for the Newborn Screening Program of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services. Coordinate with the University of louisville to establish consistent mutually agreed on diagnosis and treatment standards. 2. 3. Collaborate with the University of louisville and provide consultation to other groups identified as well as the Division of Adult and Child Health for the purpose of developing recommended changes in 902 KAR 4:030 as necessary. 4. Provide consultation to the Division of Adult and Child and collaborate with the University of louisville for the purpose of developing educational curriculum such as a Submitter's Manual and/or training in regard to newborn screening. 5. Provide further testing to confirm the diagnoses of phenylketonuria, galactosemia, and congenital hypothyroidism and other inborn errors of metabolism for infants with positive screening reports that reside in the central and eastern portion of the state using criteria established by the University of Kentucky and the University of louisville, and approved by the Division of Adult and Child Health. 6. Provide for nutritional counseling and follow-up nutrition care to families of infants, children and young adults with nutritionally manageable disorders. 7. Identify female PKU patients that will need follow-up counseling regarding maternal PKU, recall and offer evaluation and genetic counseling. 8. Provide patients who manage their metabolic condition with metabolic food and formula the following: 1) A prescription for the metabolic food and formula so they can obtain their food and formula from their local pharmacy or Durable Medical Equipment supplier. This prescription needs to be for one month's supply with refills. 2) A copy of the Kentucky Metabolic Disease Program Physician's Statement of Medical Necessity. 3) Assistance in filling out the Metabolic Foods and Formula Provision Financial and Release of Information ~m. . 9. The second party will submit in their annual report to the Division of Adult and Child Health a description of and progress on activities that address one or more of the four CDC National Tobacco Control Program goals of: 1) Preventing initiation; 2) Promoting quitting; 3) Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke; and 4) Reducing disparities among population groups disproportionately affected by tobacco use. One or more of the following strategies may be used to address these national goals: professional training and development; policy development; information dissemination; community mobilization; and surveillance and/or evaluation.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/05


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