Methadone Patient Access to Collaborative Treatment (MPACT)

Grants and Contracts Details


Dr. Crosby will serve as a study co-investigator in each of the six project years, serving as the intervention trials research lead: mentoring Dr. Meyerson and Dr. Linnea-Krieger with trials methodology and quality assurance. Specifically, in PY01 he will assist in finalizing MPACT components and measures, and will consult about the interpretation of baseline staff outcomes in the national survey of OTP staff (with Brady, PY01). As the project launches and matures, Crosby will be instrumental in the process of fidelity monitoring (PY3-6). Also, he will play a central role in the design of the sampling protocols for the R61 and R33, assisting Meyerson with initial oversight and monitoring of the entire process. As the data accumulates Crosby will advise Linde-Krieger and Stat Lab faculty in the critical task of effective data integration and cleaning. He will work closely with Stat Lab faculty throughout the process of data analysis, interpretation of the analytic findings, and preparing the final manuscripts. Crosby will also advise the identification of potential administrative supplements for early investigator team members (Carter, Linde-Krieger, Brady) and future R01 studies that will naturally follow MPACT.
Effective start/end date9/30/238/31/25


  • University of Arizona: $87,739.00


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