Microstructures and Residual Stress in Polycrystalline Materials: Their Nondestructive Characterization and effects on Mechanical Properties: Support for Scott Godefrey

  • Man, Chi Sing (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The requested supplementary funding will support Mr. Scott Godefroy, an advanced graduate student, as a full-time research assistant in Fall 2007 so that he could devote himself totally to his dissertation research during the supported period. Mr. Godefroy's research work will include what follows: • Re-examine some fundamental concepts in texture and microtexture analysis introduced by materials scientists, interpret them in precise mathematical terms, and derive their basic properties. • Develop a new definition of "texture component" that is based on the actual clustering of orientation data-points. • Develop an algorithm for reconstruction of grain and subgrain boundaries in aIM (orientation imaging microscopy) scans. • Develop algorithms for estimating geometric dislocation densities from aIM scans.
Effective start/end date7/15/046/30/08


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