Model State Supported AHEC

  • Norton, James (PI)
  • Johnson, Christopher (CoI)
  • Marin, Carlos (CoI)

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In 2008 a report by the Association ofAmerican Medical Colleges projected a shortage ofas many as 150,000 physicians by 2025 that will impact all specialties. Also, in 2008 a white paper by the American College ofPhysicians reported that the number ofU.S. medical graduates entering residencies in family medicine and internal medicine has declined by half in the last decade. Graduates are seeking higher-paying specialties over the longer hours and lower pay of primary care. The Basic/Core Area Health Education CenterslModel State Supported Area Health Education Centers(BAHECIMAHEC) grant program addresses these issues through a range of training activities and a program requirement to increase the number of primary care physicians and other primary care providers who provide services in underserved areas, through the offering of an educational continuum of health career recruitment through clinical education concerning underserved areas in a comprehensive health workforce strategy.
Effective start/end date9/1/118/31/12


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