Modeling the Composition of the 2030 Workforce

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Workforce-related challenges have been a recurrent issue across CII research and continue to be a challenge in the capital projects industry. Rather than reacting to workforce issues faced today, this research topic aims to address some technology trends in the field that could influence the needs, demand, and supply envisioned for the 2030 workforce. This vision for the future, rather than current workforce challenges, should drive this research program. The project will develop a model for the 2030 workforce with a focus on skills and composition in the field. Such a model will ultimately help our industry and companies to perform better strategic workforce planning. There are several potential solutions to construction craft workforce shortages (e.g. reformed U.S. workforce development system, increased automation, modular designs) but consensus on an accurate, clear prediction of the future workforce state has yet to emerge. How can companies proactively plan and respond to the transition period to the workforce of 2030? The overall objective of RT-370 is to develop a strategy roadmap for companies to respond to onsite craft workforce changes over the next decade. To achieve this object the following subobjectives must be achieved: 1) Forecast how technology integration of both construction processes (equipment, materials, and information) and the facility design will influence onsite workforce skillsets required for capital projects by 2030 2) Describe the onsite craftsperson and frontline supervisor of the future (e.g. productivity (awareness of the business impact), skills-multi or single, safety, culture) 3) Identify how the evolution of the industry (e.g. shifting skillsets, technology, material information systems, culture) affect the recruiting, training, and retention of onsite craftpersons and frontline supervision
Effective start/end date9/1/199/30/21


  • Construction Industry Institution/University of Texas: $130,863.00


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