Morehead State Innovation and Commercialization Center UK Center for Applied Energy Research Energy Partnership

  • Copley, Gregory (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


CAER shall provide services to MSU and clients ofthe First Party as follows: a. Provide introductions to energy clients b. Work with the MSU IC to help energy clients grow their business c. Consult energy clients on technical, economic feasibility d. Identification of grant/contract opportunities, e. Creation of capital networks; f. Linkage of innovators/entrepreneurs with university and industry expertise. g. Assist in the development ofan Energy Cluster 2. CAER shall further assist MSUand their mutual clients through providing services to: a. Assist energy clients create, maintain and expand their businesses. b. Assist energy clients identify funding sources for their businesses. c. Advise the MSU Regional IC Director of energy clients seeking capital. d. Assist the IC Director in developing angel (financing) groups for potential investors in client companies. e. Advise and assist the IC Director to market programs and services to technology and innovation based energy entrepreneurs and companies. f. Help the MSU Regional IC program build support coalitions with local economic development resources.
Effective start/end date10/1/137/1/14


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