Morgan County Regional Technology Training

  • Denomme, Denton (PI)
  • Eakin, Paul (CoI)
  • Eberhart, C (CoI)
  • Kubota, Kenneth (CoI)

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    The Morgan County Regional Technology Training Project is a collaborative educational effort between partners in government, secondary and post-secondary education, and businesS. The primary goal ofthi~ project is to empower secondary education teachers ~cross a twelve county regional area with technology information and resources . necessary to lay the foundation for effective learning strategies in ~e field of mathematics. Kentucky's goal for today's students and tomorrow's leaders is to have a competitive knowledge base in both basic skills. and technology. This knowledge. will . equip students with the skills they need to be successful in a global economy that has communications technology. as its.. centerpiece. This project proposes to. target mathematics as the basic skill on which to concentrate technology solutions. Mathematics forms the foundation for collegiate scientific and technical curriculum. Technology provides a mechanism through which teachers can tap into a variety of instructional resources to help students experiencingmathematical difficulties. Through the sharing of information and resources, the partners in this project will provide the secondary educators and students participating in the project with the physical, :financial, and intellectual resources necessary to incorporate technology into mathematics instruction. The. project will provide economic. incentives for teachers, research and learning opportunities for students, and .the capacity to develop technology support materials fur use by teachers, parents, and business. Student achievement measures~ technology and mathematics curriculum integration methods, and teacher professional development standards. evaluated as a part of this project, wlII result in replication strategies that can be incorporated statewide asa part of Kentucky's plan for education reform' and the development ofa new infonnation techn()logy based economy.
    Effective start/end date5/29/026/30/06


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