MRI 1 - Crash Modification Factors and Applications of Highway Safety Manual

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The focus of activities in the 2015-2016 period will be to examine the potential for non-engineering CMFs to affect highway safety in the southeastern United States. An initial Kentucky pilot project will include three geographic regions within Kentucky, with a potential (dependent upon outcome of initial pilot) second phase expanding as collaboration with MRI 3 (University South Florida) by examining socio-economic and cultural effects on safety. The project objective will be to examine the potential for selected non-engineering CMFs to affect highway safety using Kentucky as the pilot state. Tasks will include: selecting the sub-state geographical areas (multi-county) for comparison; conducting statistical analysis of crash data with selected non-engineering factors (primarily socio-economic); identify/describe range and extent of non-engineering CMFs. A possible phase 2 would extend the examination into additional southeastern states and comparison with national data. Collaboration with MRI 3 researchers at University South Florida will involve seeking input and support in analysis of CMFs related to socio-economic and cultural attributes.
Effective start/end date6/1/149/30/18


  • University of Tennessee: $150,000.00


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