Multi-State Collaboration to Improve Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico Water Quality through Farmer-Led Initiatives and Farmer-Driven Data

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    The University of Kentucky will function as a sub-awardee from Mississippi State University to facilitate collaborative farmer-led conservation demonstration opportunities to improve farmer knowledge of environmental issues and economic tradeoffs. Project personnel will identify farmer leaders to assist with the planning of two field-based farmer exchanges; facilitate two regional farmer-to-farmer watershed leadership exchanges (one focused in the south basin (Arkansas) in Year 1 and one focused in the north basin (Wisconsin) in Year 2); and facilitate a basin-wide leadership summit (Year 3) which will build on the success of previous exchanges and related projects to bring together farmers, farm advisors, watershed leaders, and agency and university personnel to strengthen watershed leadership capacity by sharing experiences, data, and farm management tools. Project personnel will assist in the development of communication tools that may include print, video, and social media marketing of events pre-occurrence and summative products post-occurrence. Project personnel will assist in the production of mini-documentaries featuring in-field farmer interviews, exit interviews, and summation of project outcomes.
    Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/24


    • Mississippi State University: $170,097.00


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