Multi-State General Supervision Enhancement Grant Consortium

  • Kearns, Jacqueline (PI)

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Throughout the course of the project, the evaluator will: 1) review the major aspects/objectives of the project; 2) track the contextual factors related to the objectives; 3) elaborate further on the evaluation questions and make any necessary additions or modifications to the proposed questions; 4) specify evaluation methodology including locating or creating instruments to measure objectives and the goal(s); 5) collect data and analyze findings through quantitative and qualitative research methodologies; and 6) generate and deliver reports to stakeholder groups, and help those groups interpret and use information to modify project components as needed. Reports will be generated as early as possible within the grant to facilitate dissemination and inform future activities. The evaluation questions will be addressed throughout the course of the project, and the formative and summative inquiry will occur simultaneously. The evaluation team will incorporate two types of formative evaluation, process and progress, to assess progress of ongoing grant activities. By implementing both formative approaches, the evaluation team will be able to: 1) track the completion and utility of particular grant activities; 2) provide feedback to the project director, management team, and stakeholder groups for revising and refining project plans in order to align project activities with proposed actions and desired outcomes; and 3) recommend actions to improve the likelihood of achieving grant objectives and goals.
Effective start/end date10/1/079/30/11


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