MY PLAN Study: ACE-Plus and On Track arms

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MY PLAN is a study with a randomized control design, evaluating Achieving Condom Empowerment (ACE)-Plus, a one-on-one intervention consisting of two sessions, designed to increase correct and consistent condom use among young males in foster care settings to help prevent teen pregnancy and improve adolescent health. Young males aged 16 to 20 will be recruited and enrolled over four years, starting in July 2016. The control arm, On Track, is also a two session program that will assist participants in identifying their aptitudes and preferences regarding their careers, their values associated with employment, and tools to prepare them for the work setting and job interviews. The ultimate aim of the intervention is the prevention of teenage pregnancy. The lo ngterm anticipated outcomes of ACE-Plus among participants are: Greater increase in the consistent use of condoms; Greater increase in use of dual-methods of birth control; and fewer pregnancies caused by ACE-Plus participants.
Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/18


  • Cicatelli Associates Incorporated: $46,275.00


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