NASA/EPSCOR: State Match for Year 3 to NASA Grant #NNX07AT58A Research Area I - WKURF 516204--Efficacy of Countermeasures to Cardiovascular Deconditioning in Men and Women During Simulated Moon Exploration

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Abstract. The long-term goal of our proposed project is to develop an easily administered countermeasure that would mitigate human cardiovascular consequences of physiological adaptations to microgravity during extended duration missions to the moon and eventually Mars. Based on results from our recent studies at NASA Ames and JSC. we propose to test, in collaboration with ISC and Ames investigators, 1) a human model of space flight-induced cardiovascular deconditioning using a hypovolemia protoco~ 2) the efficacy of compression stockings with spatially distributed pressure u a countermeasure to cardiovucular deconditioning, 3) a model of the deconditioned cardiovascular response to the first day of lunar activity and 4) a model of deconditioned cardiovucuIar responses to the g profiles experienced in a lunar mission using NASA Ames' 200 Centrifuge. The educational component of the proposed research involves IUpport for two graduate students per year and a continuation of our outreach program for undergraduate and high school students with special emphasis on the recruitment of women and minorities.
Effective start/end date9/1/096/30/13


  • Western Kentucky University: $37,611.00


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