National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center (NACC)

Grants and Contracts Details


Dr. Van Eldik is the Director of the University of Kentucky Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC), with overall responsibility for the data submitted to NACC. Faculty effort is supported by the main ADRC grant (P30 AG028383). A minimal amount of effort (listed for the PI of the subaward) has been included solely to address an error/warning that appears in the eRA Commons electronic review that does not allow for the R&R subaward budget to be submitted with 0.00 calendar months effort to be listed for Key Personnel. Mr. Stalion, a Data Management Specialist, will be responsible for creating and assuring the quality of data submissions, responding to NACC to requests and queries, and preparing new data forms. Travel costs are designated to pay for travel expenses for two people to attend the Fall ADRC meeting.
Effective start/end date7/1/145/31/21


  • University of Washington: $26,780.00


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