National Catalog Metadata Submissions for Kentucky Sites

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The long-term data preservation effort at the Kentucky Geological Survey includes the explanation of its core and sample facility, a comprehensive inventory and stratigraphic indexing of existing materials, complete digitization of all geoscience data holdings and development of web services to provide public access to all materials and data. This proposal aims to create site-level metadata of Kentucky well and sample information for the NGGDPP National Catalog. Metadata will be created from existing databases of oil and gas wells, rock, soil and water sample sites. The specific objective of metadata creation will be to demonstrate linkages from the National Catalog to exiting web-accessible data servides at KGS. Metada will be created XML formate using web-based ASP programs to facilitate data updates.
Effective start/end date9/1/098/31/10


  • US Geological Survey: $15,195.00


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