National Quality Improvement Center on the Privatization of Child Welfare Services

  • Hall, Jennifer (PI)
  • Collins-Camargo, Crystal (Former PI)

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Much of the remainder of this year will be spent in providing technical assistance to the projects, finalizing evaluation plans and beginning to collect data. A project meeting will be held In conjunction with OCAN in April, and project site visits conducted in June/July. The QIC PCW will participate in and present at the QIC Symposium in Washington in June. A significant knowledge development and dissemination activity will be the aforementioned Summit in September. Their will be a combined Advisory Board/Project meeting held in conjunction with the Summit. A major publication has been outlined: a special edition of Professional Development: the Joumal of Continuing SocIal Work Education dedicated to the work of the SR QIC for publication in the late fall or winter. Next year we will continue implementing our Phase II Plan. This will involve providing technical assistance to projects and monitoring their projects, collecting data and generating interim evaluation data. The regular communication strategies that have been put In place will continued to be carried out, including monthly individual and cross-project conference calls, site visits and board/project meetings. The QIC will continue to collect and make available evolving Information for the field regarding privatization both on the website, and in exhibits and presentations. All work will be conducted in close consultation with the federal project officer and Children's Bureau staff as appropriate.
Effective start/end date9/30/059/29/08


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