NC SSARE Temporary Electrical Fencing System Training

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Dr. Lehmkuhler, associate Extension professor with a beef cattle emphasis will lead the Kentucky effort on this grant. He has assembled a team that includes Drs. Smith, Teutsch, and Henning, forage Extension professors from the University of Kentucky. Along with the NRCS Grazing Specialist, Kentucky State University small ruminant specialist, and Gallagher representative, these individuals will participate in planning and coordinating the training programs. Several members of this team work closely together to provide educational opportunities on grazing management through the Kentucky Grazing School, KSU Third Thursday Thing (small ruminant focus), and others. Recently, an interagency program was held with NRCS to develop working relationships between Extension and NRCS staff. This grant will be a great opportunity to further this effort. This project will allow for our NRCS and county extension staff to better address one of the bigger challenges of implementing a rotational grazing system, electrical fencing systems. The increased knowledge gained on electric fencing from these programs will build confidence of participants troubleshooting client farms while benefiting producers and building trust between farmers and participants. Three trainings will be held across the state. One will occur in central Kentucky, a second in south central and a third in western Kentucky. Workshops will be held on farms in the region that have a sound rotational grazing system in place. Having the workshop on a farm will facilitate discussion on how the information presented can aid in overcoming the challenges associated with temporary fencing systems. The grazing systems of the host farms will also discussed to increase knowledge of working systems and the components that make the system successful. Funds will be used to secure the training kit materials, travel of coordinating team members and extension personnel to the host site, educational materials for participants and evaluation of the program.
Effective start/end date4/1/199/15/22


  • North Carolina State University: $13,484.00


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