NCHRP 20-05/TOPIC 50-12 Development and Use of As-Built Plans by State DOTs

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The development of as built plans has long been the method used to capture, document and preserve construction changes, additions or details that were not previously depicted on the original construction plans. As built plans are used by design, construction, operations and others in the maintenance, repair, widening and rehabilitation of constructed transportation facilities thereby leading to continuous updates. Over the past decades, various advanced and emerging technologies have been adopted in the transportation industry to improve the accuracy of data collection (e.g. GPS, LiDAR) and information modeling, leading to efficiency in design and construction. Migration to electronic plans and 3D models provides the potential for increased information on the plans. As a result, as]built plans are evolving to help manage assets in the future. However, the content, accuracy, format and platform vary across agencies and may also vary depending on the project delivery method (e.g., Design-Bid-Build vs. Design] Build).
Effective start/end date11/16/183/16/20


  • National Academy of Sciences: $45,000.00


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