NCHRP 20-05/Topic 53-04: Practices in the Collection and Use of Utility As-Built Information for Minimizing Project Risks

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Exhibit A Statement of Work GeoTransformer: A Multi-Modal Method for Fine-Grained Land Use University of Kentucky (UKy) will participate as a subcontractor to DZYNE Technologies (DZYNE) in the DOD BAA SBIR/STTR 2021.3 Direct to Phase II project titled “GeoTransformer: A Multi-Modal Method for Fine-Grained Land Use”, for the topic NGA-213-1 “Land Use from Nontraditional Analytics”. The objective of this program is to develop a flexible machine learning framework for classifying fine-grained subcategories of urban land by fusing imagery with non- imagery sources of geospatial information. The Phase II period of performance begins 1/1/2022 and ends 6/30/2023. Dr. Nathan Jacobs, who is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science, will be the PI for this subcontract. The total budget for UKy shall not exceed $300,000. UKy shall perform the following tasks: Task Deliverable Due Date 1. Prepare research plan and system design Written Report 2/15/2022 (MS Word Document) for multi-modal feature aggregation 4/15/2022 module using transformers Preliminary software for 2. Develop algorithms for multi-modal feature aggregation and 6/15/2022 feature aggregation and module integration runtime environment Updated software for 3. Conduct research in techniques for feature aggregation improving efficiency of fusion module 4. Support mid-term briefing Written Report 8/15/2022 (MS Word Document) Inputs for mid-term briefing (MS Powerpoint Slides) 5. Conduct research in geospatial positional Updated algorithm results 11/15/2023 encodings (MS Word Document) Preliminary software 1/15/2023 6. Develop final software 5/15/2023 7. Prepare final report Written Report (MS Word Document) Finalized software and runtime environment Final Written Report Dr. Jacobs shall participate in the kickoff meeting and the final presentation. Dr. Jacobs shall participate in biweekly project conference calls. Progress reports and updates shall be submitted monthly. A finalized version of the software will be delivered by the 17th month (Task 6). Page 1
Effective start/end date11/2/215/2/23


  • National Academy of Sciences: $45,000.00


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