NCI Myo-Inositol Trial

Grants and Contracts Details


Terrence Barrett, MD, will oversee management of the samples, laboratory, supplies and personnel involved in the biopsy analysis at UK. He will also be heavily involved in coordinating the studies with Northwestern University, the University of Chicago and Mt. Sinai Hospital. Dr. Barrett and his laboratory will perform the immunohistochemical, gene expression, and protein analysis of patient samples. Additionally, Dr. Barrett will coordinate with the pathologists and statisticians to perform the final analyses, interpretation, and publication of data from this study. Emily Bradford, PHD will receive new patient samples as well as analyze previously collected samples. Dr. Bradford will perform gene expression and protein analyses of both the new and previous samples. Additionally, she will perform all immunohistochemical staining, microscopy, and imaging required for this study. Dr. Bradford will work to develop algorithms for digital analysis of biopsy sections, which will allow for unbaised interpretation and multivariable correlations among histological findings to be defined.
Effective start/end date7/1/139/15/14


  • Northwestern University: $70,943.00


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