NCSU-USDA CSREES National Legume Risk Management Tool Project

  • Hershman, Donald (PI)

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The goal of the sentinel plot component of the National Legume Risk Management Tool Development Project is to provide useful information for legume pest management through a national network of plots that will be monitored for legume pests including soybean rust (SBR). All states in the network will monitor plots during the growing season., and some southern states will also monitor "early sentinels" to determine overwintering success of SBR. Deliverables Distribution of sentinel plots and early sentinel plots has been determined by experts from across the nation. University of Kentucky will monitor plots and report data to the national database in accordance with that national plan. University of Kentucky will monitor 0 early sentinel plots and 15 sentinel plots over the course of the 2006 growing season., expected to be approximately 25 weeks. All procedures for plot design., plot monitoring, and data reporting will be in accordance with national protocols. Data will be reported in a timely fashion using nationally established procedures. Donald Hershman will: 1) participate routinely in regional and national networking activities including conference calls; 2) provide coordination of communications among Extension plant pathologists working on this project in the Southern region., and 3) routinely communicate with Southern Region IPM Center regarding planning and progress of the project.
Effective start/end date1/1/069/13/07


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