Neurobiology & Cognitive Impairment of the Elderly

  • Scheff, Stephen (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Dr. Stephen W. Scheff will direct and administer the work to be carried out at the. University of Kentucky. He will take an active role in the data acquisition and analysis. He will be responsible for the synaptic determinations and the analysis of these data as they relate to various subject variables as described in Project 4 of the grant. He will directly supervise the preparation of tissue samples received from the tissue core and will directly supervise Doug Price, the electron microscopy technician, who will process the tissue for ultrastructural analysis. Dr. Scheff will be responsible for all the image analysis associated with this portion of Project 4 and for formatting the analysis of the data in a format suitable for publication. Douglas Price, B.A. is the electron microscopy technician for the work to be performed at the.University of Kentucky. He will be responsible for preparing all of the tissue for ultastructural analysis, including tissue embedding, tick and ultrathin sectioning. He will also be responsible for coding of all tissue samples received in the laboratory for "blinded" scoring of synaptic numbers. Mr. Price will be responsible for imaging of all tissue on the electron microscope and for printing electron micrographs for subsequent scoring by Dr. Scheff. He will be responsible for entering all data into spread sheets and for performing initial routing statistical tests of the data. Finally, he will be responsible for preparing the initial graphs and images ofthe data for publication purposes.
Effective start/end date9/30/023/31/06


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