Neutral Sphingomyelinase-2 and Glucocorticoid Receptor

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Abstract This application for administrative supplement is seeking support for Dr. Leobarda Rambles-Martinez to train as a post-doctoral scholar in the laboratory of Dr. Mariana Nikolova-Karakashian. Dr. Rables-Martinez will work on the parent project and will obtain training in mammalian physiology and animal models of aging and fatty liver disease. She will also be mentored in experimental design, data interpretations, presentation skills, as well as in preparing proposals for independent research. Dr. Rables -Martinez has excellent prior expertise in lipid metabolism in lower organisms as well as in molecular biology, but she has not had the chance to work with animal models until now. Neither she has experience in aging research. As part of our parent grant we developed a hepatocytes specific knockout mouse for Neutral Sphingomyelianse-2 and Dr. Rables-Martinez will use this mouse to address the original aims of the parent grant, aim 3. Under Dr. Karakashian mentorships, Dr. Rables will learn new methods to study liver physiology in vivo including whole animal analyses, histology and in vivo approaches for gene overexpression/silencing. She will specifically participate in research assessing how sphingolipids contribute to fatty liver disease with aging. Dr. Rables has several outstanding qualities that make her especially qualified to receive a supplement: (i) she is already proficient in sphingolipid metabolism though her studies early in her post-doctoral training in University of Texas; (ii) she has an in-depth expertise in molecular biology technics (which she professed while working at a small pharmaceutical company). Implementing these existing strengths in Dr. Rables training towards the objectives of the parent project, will help tremendously in successful completion of the grant but more importantly will put Dr. Rables on the path of success in future independent academic research by completing her "tool box" of expertise in the area of mammalian physiology and pre-clinical research.
Effective start/end date8/1/025/31/23


  • National Institute on Aging


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