New Applications for the Beneficial Reuse of Coal Combustion Fly Ash

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The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research along with an industrial partner, have developed a new technology based on fly ash for recovering and enhancing produc??on from pre-exis??ng oil and/or gas wells. In some cases, the rejuvenated wells have surpassed original produc??on levels. This technology has been successfully pilot tested in heritage oil and gas fields in Eastern Texas and the Texas panhandle. Ash fracking is a green technology conducted with simple pumping equipment, crea??ng a small opera??onal footprint, a crucial factor in Eastern Kentucky topography. Because fly ash is small compared to conven??onal sand, it does not se??le quickly elimina??ng the need for viscosity modifiers resul??ng in simpler post fracking clean up. It uses less water and can reuse well water elimina??ng environmental contamina??on. This approach also provides the ul??mate disposal solu??on for fly ash, storing it thousands of feet below the earth’s surface.
Effective start/end date1/1/246/30/24


  • KY Office of Energy Policy: $200,000.00


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