New Crop Opportunities, Phase X: Scope 1

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The overall objective of this project is to develop, demonstrate, and assist in the adoption of more profitable production and marketing systems for selected horticultural crops and specialty grains, including organic cropping systems. There are many horticultural and agronomic crop opportunities for Kentucky farmers for which a significant amount of information is available. To assist in the compilation and distribution of this information, a physical and virtual New Crop Opportunities Center has been developed. The primary audience for information delivered through this Center is Cooperative Extension Agents, and ultimately, farmers. There are many other horticultural crops for which we lack detailed production and marketing protocols for Kentucky farming systems. There are also opportunities for the development of specialized grains targeted for specific markets that offer a premium for desired characteristics. A portion of the Center's funds will be focused on applied research to develop protocols for the profitable production and marketing of selected horticultural crops and specialty grains. Results of this research will be disseminated through the Center's Web site, at field days and meetings, and through grower workshops/field days and Extension agent trainings. The Center will continue to develop and update the "Crop Profiles" section of its Web site, which includes introductory information on a variety of crops to help farmers decide which crops to grow. The Center will also continue to develop the "Marketing Profiles" section of its Web site, which offers information on various marketing systems and how they work.
Effective start/end date8/15/098/14/12


  • Cooperative State Research Education and Extension


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