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We conduct summer Latin seminars that focus on masterworks in Latin - especially those pertaining to the individual and organized society - from the whole Latin patrimony (which has a history of two millennia and is not limited to Roman antiquity), and help participants develop an active command of Latin together with a more instinctive understanding of texts written in Latin. Many participants, especially secondary school teachers, have wished for credit-giving academic courses for teacher training which incorporate all the distinctive features of our summer seminars. But substantial cost of tuition for credit-giving academic courses is an obstacle, as is the fact that currently employed teachers are typically fully employed during the academic year. The current proposal is designed to make such credit-giving academic courses for teacher training feasible, and is especially aimed at teachers working in private, independent and charter schools, or advanced students seeking careers in such schools.
Effective start/end date3/1/168/15/16


  • Charles Koch Foundation: $19,657.00


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