Next Generation Manufacturing Initiative ( NGMTI) Program

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(The purpose of this project is to develop integrated interactive predictive performance models for improved process efficiency throughout the supply chain focusing on the manufacturing stage within the total life-cycle; however, entire product, process, and information life-cycle will be taken into consideration.) Supply chain processes and operations are often found to be inefficient due to lack of understanding and consideration of their interactions, and their integral role in facilitating effective and profitable manufacturing. The role of supplier base in manufacturing is significant, but their activities are not uniquely or comprehensively modeled to provide effective means to support manufacturing, particularly in terms of uncertainties and reliability of supply chain operations. Integrated and interactive supply chain models for the total production system (or lean supplier network) through a unified interface and an interactive system would be essential in procuring, producing and delivering products to
Effective start/end date3/20/0912/15/09


  • South Carolina Research Authority: $375,000.00


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