NIFA-SAS-CAP-Diverse Perennial Circular Systems

Grants and Contracts Details


University of Kentucky (Co-PI McCulley) Subcontract Scope of Work: Co-PI McCulley will contribute to Subobjectives 6.2.1 and 6.2.3 within the Education main objective. For Subobjective 6.2.1, Co-PI McCulley will collaborate with various other Co-PIs at diverse institutions to coordinate and create similar courses and seminars aimed at educating students to a wide range of possible sustainable agricultural practices of the future. Specifically, Co-PI McCulley will contribute to the multi-institution graduate-level seminar discussing current issues in sustainable agriculture and sharing/learning about various Diverse Perennial Circular Systems (DPCS) research efforts underway across the nation. With Subobjective 6.2.3, Co-PI McCulley will help create a national summer internship program, involving sophomore and junior-level students in DPCS research and practice. McCulley will be part of the interdisciplinary team that develops the program content, and she will mentor one student intern participating in the program years 2-5 in Kentucky.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/26


  • University of Wisconsin: $85,675.00


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