Nightingale Perinatal Assistance and Treatment Home (PATHways) Program

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The U.S. is currently facing an opioid addiction and dependence epidemic, and Kentucky leads the nation in perinatal substance use disorders (SUD). This epidemic has profound immediate and lifelong maternal-child health implications. Standard of care for women addicted to opioids during pregnancy is access to specialized obstetric services with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), as well as intensive group and individualized trauma counseling. However, the majority of women with perinatal SUDs are unable to access essential services. Further, the majority of MAT clinics have long waiting lists and high fees that are cost prohibitive to economically disadvantaged women. The Nightingale Perinatal Assistance and Treatment Home (PATHway) is a nurse-driven program at the University of Kentucky, established in 2013, to address the SUD epidemic. PATHway is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary program that integrates behavioral health and specialized obstetric services for women with SUDs, led by a perinatal nurse facilitator and peer support team. The program has had significant success in improving maternal and infant health outcomes for those it serves; however, there is a significant waiting list, despite increasing the number of clinic days PATHway services are provided. We plan to expand PATHway to local community, health department and faith-based clinics. Additionally, we will leverage our partnerships across Kentucky to further serve women with SUDs through perinatal telehealth services, while creating and implementing a standardized PATHway curricula designed to build sustainable programs in priority-need communities through our state. This comprehensive perinatal program helps women achieve home safety and economic stability, and addiction and recovery treatment while empowering them to make bold life changes for themselves and their families.
Effective start/end date1/1/182/28/21


  • Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation: $606,655.00


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