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The NSF NNCI Kentucky Multi-scale Manufacturing and Nano Integration Node (KY MMNIN or KY Multiscale for short) is a collaboration between the University of Louisville (UL) and the University of Kentucky (UK) focused on developing and integrating advanced manufacturing technologies over widely different length scales. With nanotechnology now integral to scientific discovery and engineering, there is a pressing need for state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports the rapid and effective prototyping of nano-scale devices in macro-scale systems. The goal of KY Multiscale is to combine micro/nano fabrication processes with the latest in other complementary advanced manufacturing technologies (additive manufacturing, aerosol jetting, two photon 3D printing, roll-to-roll, etc) to provide researchers with the complete toolset needed to explore nanotechnology solutions to real-life problems in important areas such as healthcare, energy, the environment, communication, and security. KY Multiscale is the first open-access user facility nationwide with a focus on three-dimensional micro/nano fabrication and true multi-scale integration. Users of KY Multiscale have access to design, simulation, and fabrication resources that span the nanometer to sub-meter scales, and the expertise to effectively integrate these processes.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/25


  • University of Louisville: $699,999.00


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