No P in my Lawn

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Excess phosphorus in the environment poses a serious eutrophication risk to the Commonwealth's surface waters. A 25-year (1990 - 2014, average 515 test per year) evaluation of soil test results from Lexington home lawn, landscape and gardens revealed that over 94% of submitted soils have phosphorus (P) levels that exceed any recommendation of additional P. These results suggest that the majority of Lexington residents have adequate phosphorus levels in their soils and any additional phosphorus application would not result in any additional plant growth, but more importantly it would be a waste of natural and economic resources and would result in increased environmental risk. Through public education and public involvement workshops ("No P in my Lawn!") and grant supplemented soil tests, we propose to educate the Lexington residents and the lawn and landscape businesses operating in Lexington about the appropriate way to determine your lawn, garden and landscape plant nutrient requirements and how to meet these plant nutrient needs in the most economic and environmentally sound manner using the 5-R nutrient management approach: Right nutrient source, Right application time, Right nutrient placement, Right application rate, Right price.
Effective start/end date6/17/175/31/19


  • Lexington Fayette Urban County Government: $35,000.00


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