Novel Modular Vascular Patterning Assay for High Throughput Screening

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The project team will consist of Dr. Daniel Lau, Project Director, Dr. Kyung Bo Kim, Chemist, a Graduate Research Assistant and a Graduate Research Assistant/Chemical Technician. Dr. Lau, with the help of the Graduate Research Assistants, will be responsible for integrating the assay parsing system platform with a previously developed database application which will automatically analyze spheroid images. Dr. Lau will travel to UCHC to install the Assay Parsing system and remotely help in its operation. Dr. Kyung Bo Kim will be responsible for providing expert guidance in organic synthesis and the use of analytical methods for chemical structure determination. He will manage the synthesis of the chemical library. Specific tasks to be completed: Task 1: Dr. Lau will travel to UCHC to deliver and setup the Assay Parsing system to send digital images back to the Contractor in order to be analyzed by their team under guidance of Dr. Lau. Task 2: While visiting UCHC during task 1, Dr. Lau will train and assist UCHC staff in using the Assay Parsing system that will be set up in the PI's lab at UCHC. Task 3: Until the completion of the project, Dr. Lau will maintain a web server analyzing the archiving data collected using the Assay Parsing system installed at UCHC. Task 4: The Contractor's project team will synthesize a small chemical library of immunoproteasome inhibitors and the collection of chemical compounds will be characterized by analytical chemical methods. The Graduate Research Assistant/Chemical Technician will document the purity and amounts of these chemical compounds. Upon generation of sufficient yields and numbers, the chemical compounds will be sent to the PI's lab at UCHC.
Effective start/end date12/1/1110/31/12


  • University of Connecticut Health Center: $84,863.00


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