Novel Phases of Quantum Matter in Numerical Simulations, Field Theory and Materials

  • Kaul, Ribhu (PI)

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ntellectual Merit: The proposed research includes a selection of topics in condensed matter theory and materials science with a focus on quantum many body effects. The proposal includes a wide range of topics, from the study of basic models of many body physics with numerical and field theoretic methods to the analysis of experimental data. A selection of specific topics include, quantum phase transitions of two dimensional spin models with S > 1=2 quantum criticality of Dirac fermions algorithmic development to study lattice models of correlated fermions anomalous quantum Hall effect in magic angle bilayer graphene study of frustrated magnetism and heavy fermion behavior in R2T2X materials The overarching theme is to identify new phenomena both theoretically and in experiment that essentially involving strong electron-electron interactions cannot be analyzed by perturbative methods. Broader Impact: Basic condensed matter physics research has a wide impact on society, since it provides the fundamentals for building the hardware for new technologies. Research in condensed matter has also led to important developments that have had a major impact in many other quantitative fields of research from high energy physics to computer science. A major part of this proposal involves the training of graduate and undergraduate students in materials science and computational algorithms. The training they receive in the PI's group will prepare them for careers in research as well as industry jobs in the information technology sector. The PI will continue to deliver advanced lectures for graduate students and researchers at various institutions and training schools, making the lectures notes available on the PI’s personal website. The PI will develop his outreach activities outside the University of Kentucky, by visiting various four year colleges in the state of Kentucky (including Morehead State University, Centre college in Danville KY, Berea College, Berea KY), giving popular level lectures on quantum physics and leading discussions with students on future opportunities in graduate school. The PI will also continue his extensive scientific outreach activities through his organization Science for Everyone KY and by visiting local venues that host public lectures. The PI will work to forge collaborations and connections between the lattice gauge theory and condensed matter communities, though organization of conferences and symposia, at national and international venues.
Effective start/end date1/1/218/31/22


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