Novel Phenomena in Single-Crystal Oxides

  • Cao, Gang (PI)

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Project Summary The proposed research encompasses a systematic effort to elucidate the underlying physics of orbitally-driven novel phenomena recently uncovered and a rigorous search for new materials having unusual electric, magnetic and thermal properties. Intellectual Merits: Condensed matter and materials physics addresses identification of novel, fundamental properties of solids and liquids that have generated a remarkable number of cutting-edge technologies in recent decades. It is widely recognized that whoever discovers and controls the optimized synthesis of novel materials generally controls the investigation of their often unique properties and, ultimately, their successful integration into advanced technologies. Emerging technologies increasingly rely upon high quality, bulk single crystals and epitaxial thin films to underpin both definitive studies of fundamental properties, and optimal inclusion in state-of-art device structures. Unfortunately, U.S. leadership in materials research has seriously eroded in recent years due to a growing shortage of scientists and engineers who possess skills in both the synthesis and characterization of new materials. The current situation presents an urgent national challenge that could ultimately undermine our economic competitiveness if left unaddressed.
Effective start/end date6/15/099/30/13


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