NSF/EPSCoR: Supplement for Transforming Kentucky's New Economy. Anthony Scope

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This proposal is a supplemental request which, if awarded, will add budget to an existing award (#0814194 – UK Account Number 3048108525) and extend the end date of the project by 12 months. This proposal will support operations, programs and the administrative office/staff for the Kentucky NSF EPSCoR program. The program has been making strategic investments in Kentucky’s research infrastructure under an EPSCoR Track-1 award since 2008. These investments have been in research areas of value to the Commonwealth—materials research with a focus in micro/nano technology and ecological genomics. This award will support investments at the two research institutions in the state, the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, with the specific goal of increasing the usage and productivity of the research infrastructure EPSCoR has created. The award will also make significant investments to support regional and technical institutions across the state through a variety of programs that will emphasize basic research and support the participation of diverse groups of underrepresented participants in the sciences. The specific instructions for developing this request were prescriptively given by the NSF EPSCoR Program Director, as follows: The supplement request should include the following: • Title • Summary of Proposed Work • Intellectual Merit • Broader Impacts • Justification for the Supplement Request (2013-2014) • Achievements of the Previous Project Period (2008-2013) • Scientific Focus for the Supplement Year (2013-2014) Separately, in FastLane, submit a budget and budget justification. The budget should be for $1,265,500 total … please request 12 months [extension of the end date].
Effective start/end date7/25/138/31/14


  • National Science Foundation


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