NSF/EPSCoR: Transforming Kentucky's New Economy: Diversity Recruitment Activities

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Kentucky Travel Support Program for Minorities Applying for Graduate Education (KYTS-MAGE) is designed to open Kentucky opportunities for Graduate Education. The program will pay for the applicant’s complete travel for visitation and application to a Kentucky College or University with the Concentration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at the graduate level. Each applicant must complete a Travel Assistance Application and adhere to all program requirements. “Exploring Options for a Solid STEM Future” program provides an opportunity for potential graduate students to visit the University of Louisville or the University of Kentucky and learn first-hand about the wonderful programs and opportunities for advanced study in the Bluegrass. There is an urgent need for more well trained scientists and engineers to meet the ever increasing technological demands of the U.S. and the world market place, the growing human health needs, and international engagement that relies on exchange of cutting-edge ideas. Pursuit of graduate education helps to strengthen the position of the U.S. in technological advancement and our country's contribution to addressing the serious issues facing human kind.
Effective start/end date2/15/131/31/14


  • National Science Foundation


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