Nutrient Management for Floyds Fork Watershed

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This project will involve a collaboration with Kentucky Division of Water staff to develop a nutrient management model for the Floyds Fork Watershed. The model is envision to utilize a spreadsheet format to provide a basis for determining annual nutrient loads for selected subbasins in the Floyds Fork watershed as well as providing a means for examining different management strategies for use in meeting instream targets. The developed model will include both cost and efficiency data for a range of best management practices as selected in consultation with Division of Water staff. KWRRI will develop the associated spreadsheet along with supporting data and a user's manual as well as provide technical support in the model's implementation. The specific tasks associated with the project are summarized as follows: 1) Model scoping – KWRRI staff will meet with KDOW staff to identify the subbasins for which the model is to be developed and finalize the formatting and desired capabilities of the model. As part of the model scoping exercise, a decision will be made with regard to the most appropriate strategy for determining the annual loads (e.g. unit export loads or event mean concentration loads). Desired BMPs will also be identified. 2) Background research - KWRRI will work to identify any relevant information that might be useful in construction of the model. 3) Data collection - KWRRI staff will work with KDOW staff to identify relevant data for use in building the model. Expected data include: hydrologic and water quality data, soil and landuse data, data on point source loadings and facilities, data on non-point source unit loading values, cost data, etc. 4) Model construction - KWRRI staff will build the desired spreadsheet models for the identified subbasins. Once constructed, KWRRI staff will work with the KDOW staff to validate the models and modify as needed. 5) Model documentation - Once the model(s) have been finalized, KWRRI staff will provide a supporting user's manual for review by KDOW staff. The manual will be revised as needed. 6) Model support - Once completed, KWRRI staff will provide technical support to KDOW staff in support of model use.
Effective start/end date10/1/136/30/14


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet: $102,244.00


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