Nutrition Experiences and Decision Making of Older Women with Hypertension and Heart Failure (Organon Pharmaceuticals USA 2004 NP Woman's Health Grant)

  • Sheahan, Sharon (PI)

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The purpose of this grounded theory study is to explore experiences and decision making associated with adherence to recommended/ prescribed sodium restricted diets (SRD) among congregate living residents with hypertension (HTN) or heart failure (HF). Fifty million Americans have HTN, a precedent risk factor in 91 % ofHF cases, and 5 million have diagnosed HF (AHA, 2004). Females ages 55-74 have slightly higher rates ofHTN and those over age 74 have much higher rates than males. Many research findings link diet, especially sodium restricted diet (SRD), with hypertension and heart failure. Many contextual factors are associated with non-adherence, including social, cultural, and economic factors. Yet, few studies have obtained the first-hand accounts of how these factors relate to diet selections and adherence to prescribed/recommended diet selections. There is a need to understand the personal experiences or decision-making processes influencing adherence to SRD. The specific aims are to: 1. Explore experiences and decision-making associated with prescribed/recommended SRD among residents with HTN or HF. 2. Identify factors that facilitate or impede adherence to SRD among residents with HTN or HF. 3. Explore contextual factors associated with adherence to SRD among residents with HTN or HF. These data collected from 3 focus groups of females, age 65 and over, will provide important contextual information to design a nurse practitioner directed dietary intervention program targeted for older adults with HTN or HF.
Effective start/end date1/1/057/1/06


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