Nutrition Security in Contest of Migration in Southern Province, Zambia

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This is an REG supplement request to an NSF-funded research project (BCS 0517878; Deborah L. Crooks, PI, and Lisa Cliggett, Co-PI)) that aims to elucidate the relationship between livelihood strategies and nutritional outcome among migrant households in Southern Province, Zambia. Results of the first two field seasons revealed gendered dimensions of intra-household production that were not originally anticipated. The purpose of this REG supplement is to provide the opportunity for a graduate student, Ms. Jennifer Williams, to explore the gendered dimensions of household livelihood strategies among the Gwembe Tonga migrant households with whom the project is working in Nkandanzovu, Zambia. She will further investigate the relationship among gendered household strategies and nutritional outcome for individual household members.
Effective start/end date3/26/076/30/09


  • National Science Foundation


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