OACTN Clinical Trial Unit (CTU)

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Title: OACTN Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) Funding period: Jan 2, 2023 – Dec 31, 2024 (2 years; renewable) Abstract: We have applying to be a site for an Arthritis Foundation funded multicenter clinical trial. The current proposal includes information for the Arthritis Foundation to use to determine if we are a valid site. The first year of the project will be to ready the selected sites for the later clinical trial, with the ensuing years dedicated to enrollment and data collection. The specific duties of the CTUs are: screen and recruit study participants; execute standard operating procedures (SOPs) developed and maintained by the OACTN Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC) and related centers to obtain baseline measurements and follow up data on study participants; obtain and process biosamples, store the samples, and eventually ship to a designated location for further storage, processing, and/or analysis; obtain and de-identify images and send to the eventual OACTN imaging data repository; and obtain and de-identify biomechanical and clinical data and send to the OACTN CCC and data repository.
Effective start/end date12/2/2212/1/24


  • Arthritis Foundation: $187,813.00


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